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Guardianship of another person, whether of a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, is a serious responsibility. It demands good decision-making and compassion. It is a very challenging undertaking, and you will need all the help you can get, especially when it comes to legal matters.

Adult guardianship and conservatorship

A guardianship attorney is the primary legal service provider that one needs to achieve sound and properly processed legal guardianship. There are many procedures, eligibility requirements, and regulations that one must address to achieve guardianship, and these things would be extremely difficult without a lawyer by your side.

Drafting applications and case arguments are just part of the legal process of guardianship. At Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand more than the technical aspect of legal guardianship. We understand that it involves special relationships, crucial responsibilities, and more importantly, people that need support. As your attorneys, we assure you that we share the same understanding of your relationships and responsibilities. We will make sure that every legal need you have will be well taken care of.

More than a competent attorney, you need an understanding lawyer that you can trust. Get a highly qualified and experienced Berwyn, IL guardianship attorney at Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, where legal experts are as compassionate as they are excellent!

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Understanding Legal Guardianship

Many families in the US have at least one member who is part of a vulnerable sector of society. Elderly people, disabled people, or orphaned children are a few examples. Because these people may be incapable of making well-informed and sober decisions for themselves due to specific circumstances, the law states that a legal guardian can make important decisions for them.

legal guardianship of a childLegal guardianship gives a person, called a ward, either full or limited authority to decide over every aspect of another personโ€™s life that is covered by the law. Whether they are the legal guardian of a child or an elder, they can have the power to decide over the personโ€™s medical and financial issues, which are the most common affairs involved in legal guardianship. This scope includes assets, liabilities, properties, pension funds, real estate, retirement plans, medications, insurance policies, and long-term care.

Legal guardians will be the ones who will manage and settle legal documents, negotiations with creditors or insurance providers, and other processes that involve legally binding conditions for the person.

Of course, it is given that the decisions a legal guardian makes must be in accordance with the well-being of the ward. When it comes to children, they must receive proper financial resources, education, medical help when necessary, security, and shelter. On the other hand, the common issues of elderly people that must be well-taken care of include the proper enforcement of their wills and testaments, long-term welfare care, and decision-making during difficult medical situations.

With Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we wonโ€™t just help you settle your legal Berwyn guardianship. We are here to provide all the legal advice and assistance you need to ensure the welfare of your family member that needs your help.

What a Guardianship Attorney Can Do for You

Do you really need a Berwyn guardianship attorney? While it may sound like unnecessarily spending extra money, getting a lawyer to help you establish legal guardianship can be the difference between smooth, well-informed legal decisions for your ward and difficult, complicated ones.

legal processLegal advice is a treasure that most people take for granted. But when it comes to protecting the welfare of your loved ones, for sure, you want the best for them. With a lawyer by your side, you can have a much easier time making the best and right decisions for your ward. You might encounter difficult situations, like insurance policies, court hearings, or debt payment negotiations.

There is no need to mention that these legal affairs are all plagued with complicated legalese, making them way harder to understand. A lawyer is the best partner that you can have in understanding all the laws, regulations, procedures, implications, and consequences of every legal decision that you will ever have to make for your ward.

From the first parts of your legal guardianship, Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law will be there for you. We will help you produce the best petition for your case, submit all the documentary requirements, and make sure that you get the guardianship that you deserve. In this process, you will have to present your case to a judge.

You will have to prove that the ward is truly incapable of making proper personal decisions and that you are capable and right to be the person to make those decisions for them. We can properly prepare, represent, and defend you in this part of the process, assisting and informing you about all the legal information that you need to know through every meeting and procedure that you must undergo to get guardianship.

Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law is confident to say that you can trust our legal team of Berwyn guardianship experts. They are as compassionate as they are highly skilled in both federal and state family laws. From supporting you during your legal guardianship application to providing all the legal advice you need in every decision you make for your ward, our experts are here for you!

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