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Chicago Probate Attorney
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Chicago Probate Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy. But we have to take care of what our deceased left to us. This legal situation is called a probate process. It is when the financial assets of a person who has died are properly distributed to the appropriate people under a court process. Let Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law help you with settling the will of your late loved one through a top-notch Chicago, IL probate attorney.

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In such cases, it is vital to have an attorney that you can trust to handle the legal procedures. Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law offers top-notch legal support for anyone who needs to settle a probate case. We know how to handle these situations whether they are testate, which means involving a legally enforceable will, or intestate, which means the decedent was not able to leave a will.

Whatever the condition is, our legal team has all the experience and expertise necessary to work professionally and excellently handle it.

Probate cases are known to be complicated and time-consuming situations. It first involves establishing the scope and value of the decedent’s assets and properties and then figuring out the proper way to distribute them. A key factor to make the probate process much easier is making sure the beneficiaries, heirs, and anyone else involved are well-informed about the legal process and the details of the situation. Our experts will make sure that this is properly done.

Other reasons why probate cases can be difficult include potential personal disputes between parties that have different claims on the decedent’s assets as well as outstanding debt of the decedent.

Each state has its own set of statutes involving probate processing. As your legal support, Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law is here to conduct a thorough analysis of your situation and to help you understand all the involved laws and information so you can make the right decisions throughout the process. You can take advantage of our free consultations with a Chicago probate attorney for more of your concerns.

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Testate and Intestate Situations

Probate processes involve a testator and a personal representative. A testator is a person who has died and has left a legal will that can be enforced through a proper legal procedure that the personal representative is in charge of handling.

Chicago Probate Attorney last will and testament 300x200Specific rules regarding the enforcement of the will, such as if it is valid or not, are dependent on the various federal and state laws. Don’t worry. Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law has well-versed lawyers in this field that will help you understand the important information.

Some important information that our lawyers will definitely study and identify include the content of wills and trusts and whether or not they are legally enforceable and valid in court. It is also vital that there is clear evidence that the signatures involved in these documents were not forced by any means whatsoever to assure the willingness of the decedent. These factors are important, especially if there are other parties that wish to contend with the will. We can help you make the best decisions in order to arrive at the best possible situation in the end.

It is another thing when there is no will left by the decedent. This case is called an intestate. In such a situation, we follow a different set of rules according to Illinois intestate laws. Typically, intestate cases are much longer and more complicated as it involves tracking down the right heirs of the assets and determining the validity of their claim. It is also important to know that in an intestate case, the assets will not be passed down to the proper beneficiaries or heirs if no one initiates the process. With Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law, you can trust that the entire process can be much easier. We will help you all throughout the legal procedures.

Duties of Chicago Probate Attorneys

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A probate attorney is not just advantageous to the beneficiaries of a will but is actually required in the state of Illinois. The probate process is quite a challenging and complicated system that involves a considerable amount of time, effort, and money.

Some people even have to deal with debt left by the decedent or relatives that fight for their rightful claim to the estate. You would want to go through a probate process with a good Chicago probate attorney from Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law by your side.

With that said, here are certain aspects of probate cases that a lawyer will definitely help you with.


Assets must be properly processed through their documents. Deeds, ownership documents, title certificates, retirement accounts, and insurance proceeds all have paperwork that needs to be meticulously analyzed and properly processed so they can be transferred to the heirs and beneficiaries. In some cases, beneficiaries are unaware of certain assets that the decedent had. Whether you need to settle the paperwork or find unknown assets, our lawyers are well-trained for these endeavors. We can also help you have a perspective on the value of the assets after we’ve removed taxes or debts.


In the area of finances, it is important that the attorney and the personal representative work closely with each other. We have to figure out certain issues, such as outstanding debts of the deceased and sending a notice of death to creditors. Any applicable taxes must also be settled. Funds from banks and all kinds of accounts must be properly transferred to the estate’s asset depository account. All these can be handled well by our team of legal experts.


Disputes between opposing parties claiming estate are common in probate law. We know that these issues can be pretty heavy emotionally for everyone involved. But don’t worry. Our lawyers are well-trained in these situations. They know how to approach these situations with sharp and objective analysis. They also know how to skillfully defend your interests in litigation court for disputes that cannot be easily resolved.

Ancillary Proceedings

If the decedent has assets located in another state or geographic jurisdiction, we would have to go through ancillary proceedings. Don’t worry. Our legal team is also well-versed in this process. We can inform you on everything there is to know about ancillary proceedings and competently settle every asset and property into their proper beneficiaries.

Best Chicago Probate Attorneys

Because each human being’s life is unique, no two probate administration cases are exactly the same. But despite the wide variety of situations that differ in legal complexity, origin, or value of involved assets, our experts know how to handle each case with competence and skill.

Chicago Probate Attorney probate law book 300x199Probate cases involve real people with real relationships, making it quite a challenging legal situation to handle. Our legal experts at Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law know this reality. And so we incorporate this in our approach to every probate case that we’ve handled through the years.

Rest assured that with our firm, your rights and interests will be protected and upheld, and all assets of your deceased loved one will be carefully distributed. And even though certain information about your family may be required to be publicized, we will safeguard your privacy as much as possible.

We have worked with and gained the trust of many clients in the past because we always aim to go beyond their expectations and leave them fully satisfied. No case is too small or simple for us. Whatever your probate case demands, we will employ the highest level of professionalism and excellence.

Free Consultation

Chicago Probate Attorney Davis Logo V2 1 300x96Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law offers the same quality of legal services for all clients regardless of the complexity of their situation. Give us a call as soon as you can so we can get all the information we need from you immediately. Some probate issues don’t need an attorney at all. An example is when no legal assets of the deceased are found. Let us know all about your case, and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Call Davis & Associates, Attorneys at Law today at (312) 626-8463 for your Free Consultation with a Chicago Probate attorney!